I’ve been remiss in not plugging Gutfeld’s new gig so here’s a taste of what Bryan and I agree is the best part of the show: television news’s most respected, and only, ombudsman, Andrew Levy. Combine the dulcet tones of Dustin Hoffman with the smoldering good looks of a young Clay Aiken and what do you get? Man-tastic!

Seriously, though, he’s doing a great job, and I’m not just saying that because he’s been kind with his praise for this site. FYI, the clip picks up hot on the heels of a 12-minute discussion of pornography involving Internet titan Andrew Breitbart, seen pictured here:


And yes, you do need to know that before you watch.

If the news day’s still slow a few hours from now, I’ll stitch together the clips of Gutfeld’s mom. I see spinoff in her future.

Update: What the hell. She’s twice as funny as Letterman’s mom and twice as old. For real, that’s not her in the picture, is it? How old was she when she had GG? 70?