It’s a shame there’s no video of this:

“Senator Mary Landrieu’s outrageous outburst this morning in which she remarked that we ‘would have been better off if the terrorists had blown up our levees’ is the latest episode in a stream of recent Democratic blame-shifting and accusations. Landrieu appears to be joining with Governor Blanco among the ungrateful Louisiana Democrats that seem to have forgotten the federal government has already appropriated billions and billions of dollars of aid to the state and its citizens, only to have Blanco’s Road Home Program set a new standard in bureaucratic inefficiency. The notion that Louisiana would be better off if terrorists attacked our state should be unthinkable to an elected Senator. Did she forget the terrorist attacks on our country a few years ago and the suffering that the people of New York and the country as a whole felt?” stated Republican Party of Louisiana Chairman, Roger Villere, Jr.