Sub required to read these, I believe, but this one expresses the most fulsome feelings for Mr. Rago:

Print This: Your Blast Into the Blogosphere Insults Your Readers
Uh oh. Now you’ve done it. In one fell swoop Joseph Rago has managed to insult a large swath of your readership for whom the Journal was the one remaining mainstream media (MSM) product it still consumed (“The Blog Mob,” editorial page, Dec. 20). Blogs are “Written by fools to be read by imbeciles”? What a lovely thing to say to your own readers.

Thank God we have Mr. Rago to lead us to the “truth.” No longer will I have to wade through blogs and make decisions for myself regarding the value of what I am reading. Finally, I am free to cancel my Internet service and put my civic education back in the hands of the experts where it belongs. And for my part, I will come clean and admit to having missed Katie, Barbara, Dan, Anderson, Maureen and all the other “journalists” who work so tirelessly for me. Does al Jazeera have a print version? It would be so much fun to curl up with it on a Sunday morning and catch up. Thank God the experts are back.

I’ll miss James Taranto and the other misguided bloggers at They were fun, and cheeky, but clearly so misguided. I hope you are generous in your severance package — remember, it is the holiday season. Or perhaps, now that your print edition subscriber base will undoubtedly explode, you can find a place for them on the loading dock. It’s hard work, but honest, and will keep them, and us, out of trouble.

Steven Gruber
Syosset, N.Y.

The others aren’t quite that snarky, but all six disagree with Rago’s take on the blogosphere.