Escaped felon Marlon Ruff killed San Francisco policeman Bryan Tuvera Friday night, before Tuvera’s partner shot Ruff dead. Ruff had been a fugitive since he just walked away from an unfenced “Conservation Camp” up in Humboldt County in 2005. After all, he was “non-violent”:

Court records made available Wednesday show Ruff has been either jailed, on probation or on parole since 1996, when he was convicted of grand theft in San Francisco. Two years later, he was convicted of receiving stolen property in San Mateo County. Back in San Francisco in 2000, he was convicted of being a felon with a gun.

Ruff was on parole and living with his mother in San Bruno when, on Sept. 8, 2003, he followed Brink’s courier Miguel Galang into the Westlake Shopping Center in Daly City.

After Galang, 57, picked up cash from a Goodwill store, Ruff attacked him in a tunnel to the parking lot, Oglesby said. Ruff punched Galang from behind, and then struck him repeatedly when he fell to one knee. Ruff ran off with $4,600, which he used to buy a Ford Thunderbird a few days later.

Almost eight months later, a jury convicted Ruff of second-degree robbery. According to court records, Ruff responded by loudly telling the panel, “You guys just made a big f — mistake. I’m innocent.” He added, “These people aren’t even human.”

So for a crippling beat-down and robbery in broad daylight at a shopping mall, California DOC sends him to Smoky-the-Bear camp for six years? And they’re surprised when this guy takes off? They shouldn’t be: the DOC spokesman said about a dozen people escape from conservation camps each year.

All of them, we assure you, are non-violent, just like Marlon Ruff.

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