Just across on Fox. What can you say to eulogize a man who once declared, “When I see an American flag flying, it’s a joke”?

Eh, “The Player” was good.

Update: Salute:

As an adolescent Altman was a cutup and hell-raiser — to the degree that his parents shipped him off to Wentworth Military Academy in Lexington, Mo., during his junior year of high school. In 1945, he left the academy for the Army Air Force and what remained of World War II.

After training at a base camp in Southern California, Altman shipped out for the island of Morotai in the Dutch East Indies. There he spent the waning days of the war copiloting a B-24 and dropping payloads on Japanese positions. When he wasn’t doing that, he was playing poker with his fellow officers or bird-dogging nurses. Also, according to Altman, it’s when he began to consider a career in the movies: “The first time I ever thought about film was when I was overseas in the Second World War,” he told me. “I started writing radio plays. I was very interested in that. And then I started to write screenplays — not screenplays so much as stories to make movies from. Since then, it’s just been down the same road.”

Goldstein is a big Altman fan, from what I understand. This should coax an interesting post out of him.

Update: Our commenters are playing celebrity dead pool below. I’m outraged!

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