Yeah, I know. Blue state, it’s early, etc.

Fourteen points, though? America’s mayor, on his home turf? McCain’s only five points worse head to head.

He leads the field among Republicans at the moment, but social cons, to the consternation of libertarians, may find him unacceptable. Hence the problem: he’s too blue to win in (some) red states and not blue enough to win in New York. Or is he? Philip Klein reminds us that Rudy’s main competition is as squishy as he is on issues like immigration and considerably squishier when it comes to, say, campaign finance reform. Red staters might hold their noses when they go to pull the lever, but they’ll pull it.

He’s already picked up one endorsement from a pro-life, anti-gay-rights conservative. Writes Debbie Schlussel:

I’ll take the guy who I know will have the guts to do what Bush does not. I believe Giuliani is that man. He’s proven that time and again, whether it was when he told terror-supporting Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal to take his $10 million and shove it (right after 9/11) or when he severely restricted Yasser Arafat’s travel in New York (kicking him out of a concert).


Or, if you prefer, balls.

Update: This essay just got picked up at FR:

When it’s all said and done, what will be left standing before us is a liberal New York politician with just enough common sense to know terrorists who blow up our buildings are evil, but not enough to know that Partial Birth Abortion is wrong. We can and must do better. Rudy Giuliani’s supporters are urging us to vote for the myth, but our country must live with the man.

Update: Explore John McCain! Every nook and cranny.