Who should be the chairman of the RNC?
Mel Martinez
Michael Steele
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If you chose other, feel free to explain who you would choose.

UPDATE: RedState is calling Martinez the “the Harriet Miers of RNC chairs“. Well put. Michael Steele was perfect for the position and I continue to support his nomination. What I don’t like about the Martinez pick, other than the fact he has only been a Senator for two years, he is not charismatic, he supports amnesty, is he will not only stay in the Senate during his tenure, but he will also share the chairmanship.

What is the Republican party thinking? We just lost the Senate, the House, and the majority of Republican Governors and now we’re supposed to support a chairman who will have two full time jobs?

Tom Blumer:

Dear GOP,

As a member of the base you appear to be abandoning, allow me to make two points:

– The current apparent pick is a sitting Senator, and no matter how worthy he may be as a person, putting someone who actually is voting on laws and resolutions is inappropriate bordering on irrational.
– Michael Steele ran such a stellar campaign to get as far as he did in the Maryland Senate race. He is a passionate and outstanding spokesperson that the party could rally around. Frankly, selecting anyone else would be foolish.

I am surely supported by millions of other Republicans BEGGING you to PLEASE select Michael Steele.