InstaGlenn’s been having fun today knocking the “terrorism is overblown” meme. Here’s one more arrow in the quiver:

Intelligence agencies have been warned that al Qaeda may be planning to attack air and rail travel in Europe in actions that may occur during the busy holiday travel season, CBS News has learned exclusively for a report to air on tonight’s CBS Evening News.

In separate interviews with Arab and other intelligence sources, CBS News has been told that the warnings come from interrogations of al Qaeda suspects who recently left Afghanistan and Pakistan.

“One suspect said plans for repeating the Heathrow attempt (a reference to the failed ‘liquid bomb’ plot interrupted in August) were all prepared. It is now a matter of taking action,” said one Arab official who asked not to be named because he is not authorized to speak to the media. “Al Qaeda’s strategy appears to be raising the pressure in Europe.”

Who’s going to carry out the operations? Good question:

In a move that has been puzzling intelligence agencies, al Qaeda has been withdrawing well-trained Arab fighters from the mountains and battlefields of Afghanistan.

In detailed interviews with Arab diplomats, intelligence sources and Pakistani and western officials, Arab members have been leaving Afghanistan for the past six months while handing over its militant activities in Afghanistan to that country’s resurgent Taliban movement…

“We believe that today the Arabs are much more useful to bin Laden if they are deployed in their home countries, particularly in the Middle East, to target Western assets, Western interests. Because of that we have seen a shift in al Qaeda thinking and al Qaeda strategy in encouraging members to leave Afghanistan and Pakistan,” says Gunaratna.

They have intel that Iran’s Revolutionary Guards are helping some AQ members enter Iraq.

The Saudis have also caught jihadis sneaking back into the Kingdom over the past few months — and, to their surprise, found them to be in a state of disarray. What does it mean? UPI has a theory.

Say, how come this news didn’t break before the election? Josh “I question the timing” Marshall knows what he’s talking about, doesn’t he?