The world reacts to Democratic victory: Chavez is ecstatic; Dobson is annoyed; Iraqi leaders and U.S. allies are worried; and Iran is hopeful but realistic given the Dems’ traditional affinity for the Zionist entity. Don’t they read Kos?

The Times, meanwhile, was reduced to this:

Of course, among bloggers and others, there was a residual sense of schadenfreude — delight in the tribulations of an American president tripped on his own hubris in adventures seen as endangering the world rather than curbing terrorism…

Some Web postings looked further ahead, reflecting a sense that the midterm vote had been a rehearsal for the presidential election in 2008. “It’s time for a Clinton government again where U.S.A. was liked and respected through out the world,” a contributor identified as Ted McDick wrote from Baku, Azerbaijan. “Come on Hillary get your hat in the ring for the next president of the good old U.S.A. All of Europe wants another Clinton not a Bush.”

As for the troops, they’re too busy to care much right now.

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