Mmmm yeah. We’ve got admissions of cheating at DU, an FBI investigation of voter intimidation in Virginia (and, perhaps to come, Montana), and reports at Red State of massive electoral problems in Pennsylvania — that are flatly contradicted by the Philly Inquirer and Hotline.

We just received this from one of our readers, who claims he got it via e-mail. Given how things are shaping up for the GOP in Ohio, there’d have to be an awful lot of shenanigans to cast the result in doubt.


Turnout is heavy in Tennessee and Virginia. Dick Morris thinks if the Dems take the House but the margin is slim enough, a bloc of blue dogs might be able to torpedo Nancy and force them to choose a more moderate Speaker.

The bad news is, he’s never right. The good news is, he’s due.

Elsewhere, K-Lo unleashes a jinx for the ages on Michael Steele.

Update: Another one for the FBI!

Update: Via RightWinged, Junior must be in trouble in Tennessee.