Whom to believe? The guy who claims he fell down after being pushed? Or the guy who claims he didn’t push anyone and was recently caught on camera pushing someone?

Dilemmas, dilemmas:

The incident occurred at the end of a rally at the Shenandoah Valley Regional Airport after Allen supporters continually jockeyed to position themselves between Allen and Stark, who said he wanted to ask the senator about his arrest record. An Albemarle County court index book shows two summonses issued for Allen in 1974, but supporting documents were destroyed long ago. Allen has said he offenses were for fishing without a license and unpaid parking tickets.

As Stark tried to sidestep the human wall formed to shield Allen at Saturday’s rally, he brushed past a person who then fell. A deputy sheriff grabbed Stark, put the man’s arm behind his back and led him away to the cheers of about 100 Allen supporters.

Stark said as he was taken into the custody that he had heard the young man who fell tell another Allen supporter he planned to take a dive.

The person who fell refused to give his name or talk about the incident with a reporter.

Are there, could there possibly be, photos of this submoronic Michael Moore wannabe being cuffed and led away?

Oh yes, my friends. Oh yes.

Update: Did the AP reporter witness the incident? The piece doesn’t say so; if not, how did he/she know that Stark “brushed past”?