That’s the bad news. The good news? It’s Zogby. Given his track record, I’m thinking we might just widen our majority.

Harold Ford could be in trouble too, but I wouldn’t call this “good news.” And not just because it bodes ill for Michael Steele, either.

Whatever happens, there’ll be plenty of schadenfreude on both sides.

Rather than round up the polls to show you how ominous things look for the GOP, just watch this. Madrid is either an abject idiot or one of the worst public speakers ever to enter American politics — and GOP incumbent Heather Wilson’s trailing her in all the latest polls. Bad moon rising, ladies and gents.

Update: So sweet. So achingly sweet…

The apparent end of the much-ballyhooed Lamont phenomenon is causing a great deal of soul-searching and recrimination in all corners of the Democratic Party. The bloggers that once championed Mr. Lamont as an awkward but earnest savior now alternately blame Washington’s strategists for hijacking their candidate and Democratic leaders for abandoning him. Beltway consultants fault the Lamont campaign for failing to move the candidate beyond his left-wing celebrity and define him for a greater electorate.

Update: Hmmmm.