The last Rasmussen poll, on October 24th, put Allen up by two.

A seven-point swing. In six days. According to a highly credible pollster who’s had Allen leading all year.

Dare we blame … Smutgate?

[P]ollster Scott Rasmussen was hesitant to attribute the Webb boost to the weekend’s news.

“People always want to say, ‘A happened and therefore B was a result of it or the cause of it or something,'” Rasmussen told Cybercast News Service . “I’m not sure that it’s that clear-cut. I think what we’re seeing is a continuation … of a nationwide trend that’s been tough for the GOP this year.”

Rasmussen said to attribute Allen’s continued slide to the decision to release the book excerpts “might be overstating it a bit.”

Taegan Goddard says control of the Senate will likely turn on three races: Talent vs. McCaskill in Missouri, Corker vs. Ford in Tennessee, and this puppy right here. The Dems need two plus the four they’re likely to win as things currently stand.

It might be panic time.

Update: Republicans and Democrats agree — Allen’s run the sloppiest campaign of 2006.

Update: The Rasmussen poll is no fluke.