Remember Academia Semillas del Pueblo? They’ve been lying low for the past five months, possibly because their charter’s up in December.

Judicial Watch hasn’t forgotten. Check out this nifty, full-color, 12-page compilation of data points they released this week. Quote:

[W]hen Aguilar applied for public financing through the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) in 2001, he did not attempt to conceal much about his true intentions. This is the true scandal with respect to Aguilar’s school: The Los Angeles Unified School District approved financing for what is very clearly a radical Mexican reconquista training ground for school children.

How much financing? According to financial statements for the Fiscal Year ending June 30, 2005, taxpayers spend more than $1.6 million per year to advance the school’s radical agenda. This includes funds from both federal ($210,000) and state ($1.4 million) sources.

They’ve got snippets from the lesson plans and a quote from the boss prominently featured — under a photo of Hillary.

That’ll earn you a link every time.

Here’s a handy dandy graph of how their API progress stacks up with other California schools.


And here’s their California Standards Test performance from 2001 to 2006; for ease of reference, yellow, orange, or red is bad. Like I said before: “knowing the Aztec word for ‘honky’ doesn’t really help much with algebra.” Right, Principal Huitzilixtlitiu?

In other news, the feds have ruled out amnesty for illegal workers! There’s just one catch…

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