He didn’t mean to punch you in the face, baby. It’s just that he’s got this temper, and people keep misunderstanding him…

You know how it is.

Can’t you see what this is doing to him?

“I borrowed a metaphor used by an author called Ar-Rifa’i.

“He said exposing the meat in an illicit way would encourage the cats to devour it. I didn’t mean by that to humiliate immodest women; I meant to censure the person who would abandon his humility and turn into a vicious animal.”…

Rape, he said, was “an abominable crime; it has no justification, and the perpetrator deserves the severest punishment and would not deserve to belong to a religion or to humanity.”

But he still urged women not to tempt men…

“You are the cherished pearls, the dearest thing in the world. So don’t be taken as offerings at the temples of the merchants of pleasure, or advocates of decadence and corruption.

John Howard says this is the moment of truth for Australia’s Muslims — and thus far the government’s encouraged by their response. Quote:

Government and Labor MPs alike report back that in the past few days the attitude of non-Muslims to their criticisms of the mufti has been one of “good on them”.

“There is an outstanding group of young women, between 25 to 35,” says one MP familiar with the area, They’re very sensible. They’re committed to their faith. But they’re also committed to making Islam consistent with affluent Western society and the equality of men and women.

“This is a significant beginning for a new generation. The challenge now is to maintain the rage.”

Ayaan Hirsi Ali wasn’t about to let this pass without weighing in. As usual, she’s got the right idea:

For a while now I have been asserting that the most effective way for EU governments to deal with their Muslim minorities is to empower the Muslim women living within their borders…

I think religion is taking up far too much time, attention and space in our society. Blair needs to look at the segregation of boys and girls and ask himself why young girls in primary schools are veiled. Are we saying that five and six-year-olds are sexual symbols, “uncovered meat”? As a society we must understand that saving young girls from all kinds of repression is important. Many are removed from school when they reach puberty, often when they start to behave like British teenagers. That is the precise moment when teachers, mentors and feminists need to identify those girls at risk, those who want to be emancipated and who face the risk of forced marriages and violence.

Islam Online says Aussie Muslims are set to abolish the post of mufti altogether. Good idea or not? Jonah Goldberg thinks Islam would benefit from having a centralized religious authority to drain influence from the localized jihadis. The problem is, what if the Muslim “Pope” is, like Sheikh Hilali himself, a Qutbian jihadist nutbar?

In that case, at the very least, the “tiny minority” canard would be laid to rest once and for all.

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