How many silly things can one congressman say in one clip? Several. In this clip, the man who slipped Abscam manages to say that:

Iraq will get better once our troops leave.

Iraqi troops will have an easier time hunting down al Qaeda once our troops leave. Whether they’re actually ready for the job or not, apparently.

That the presence of our troops in Iraq helps recruit terrorists (which may be true, but only to the extent that fighting back usually produces a response from the enemy. We didn’t quit fighting the Nazis because their recruitment went up once we declared war on them, after all.)

He says facile things about Maliki too. At least he didn’t promote redeploying our troops to Okinawa. This time.

It’s a sad commentary on the times that Murtha will probably stay in office and Santorum will probably lose his. Santorum is serious about the war and understands it quite well. Murtha is Grampa Simpson made real.

(clip snapped by Ian, commentary by Bryan)