Wallace dealt him the race card — and he politely declined to play it. What kind of Democrat is this?

One with a national future, perhaps.

He does say the ad was “smutty,” which is an odd critique coming from a guy who parties with playmates. Although, not really, I guess.

Wallace also mentioned the retarded nutroots objections to the allegedly racist “drums” radio ad; Ford alludes to that in the middle of the clip.

Update (Bryan): As one of the comments says, “Well played.” Ford’s Playboy party gambit has been well played indeed. The whole reason the Playboy party figures in the ad is that Ford had been asked whether he was at that party and he had repeatedly denied it. Being there apparently didn’t figure well into his strategy of going for the social con vote, so he denied. But then it turned out that he was there, and the RNC ad cleverly brought that home. Maybe the ad was too clever, though, since while it was funny it gave the DNC a weak race angle they could use to distract voters from the reason the bunny is relevant: Ford lied to the voters, and in a way that suggests his social con strategy is just an act. No one’s talking about that now. So he and the DNC get a well played, and the RNC imho get a minus. They had an issue and they muffed it.

Update: Michael Steele slammed the RNC ad today on Rob Redding’s radio show.