In which a guy who once said he’d “probably” have voted for the resolution authorizing war in Iraq because his views resemble Joe Lieberman’s endorses Ned Lamont because Joe Lieberman introduced a resolution authorizing war in Iraq.

The Times also endorsed Lamont today. (The major Connecticut papers did not.) All that’s left is the Michael Moore seal of approval, which the Freshmaker naturally received for the primary but not as of yet for the general election. Mikey has yet to “weigh in.”

Although we can probably guess who he’s pulling for.


Meanwhile, in Berkeley, Zombie catches the nutroots messiah crowing that they “did [their] job” by kicking Liebs’ “ass out of the Democratic Party.” That ass is currently trading at 94.6 on Tradesports. I don’t know what the payback’s going to look like or when it’s going to come, but dear lord, it is going to be sweet.

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