He accused Mike Wallace of being a “representative of the Zionist regime” when Wallace asked him one too many uncomfortable questions about where Hezbollah gets its money and weapons from. Tonight Cooper prodded him on the Holocaust and he fell back on the same shtick, inquiring as to whether these were AC’s own questions or whether perhaps a third party had prepared a list for him. An accusation to which Cooper had the perfect reply.

Greg Tinti has a longer clip and thought Cooper did a fabulous job. I agree that he was better than Wallace — particularly when Ahmadinejad lied to his face about IAEA findings of Iranian noncompliance and was promptly challenged on it — but questions about his Holocaust revisionism have already been asked and answered. Next time be bold, Anderson. Ask him about Mashhad.

Update: Speaking of missed interview opportunities, official nutroots mascot Keith Olbermann welcomed Jane Hamsher of firedoglake to the program tonight to regale his three viewers with the inside scoop on the Clinton blogger meet-up. Did he seize the chance to ask the lefty blogosphere’s most notorious race-baitrix whether she was pleased to find no bloggers of color there muddying the waters? No, he did not, for reasons Johnny Dollar will be only too happy to explain.