A humor rag he won’t name allegedly commissioned the piece, then killed it. Why people who get paid to be funny would have any business with Ted Rall except as background for a hit piece they’re doing on him is beyond me. But judge for yourself. I think he’s just mad that Coulter’s eclipsed him as America’s most grotesquely insensitive jackass when it comes to the subject of terror widows.

He’s right, of course, to imply that Coulter’s brand of demagoguery does little to win converts and a lot to make her own side look bad. But on the long list of people who are well positioned to make that point, Ted farking Rall is very near the absolute bottom.

Coulter likely won’t deign to answer him so I’ve taken it upon myself to respond in kind.

Ted Rall, 43, Dies


Gratuitous bonus flashback! I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day…