Left-wing darling Keith Olbermann went on one of his “special” attacks last night. The target: President Bush, of course. As usual, his screech got raving reviews from the OlbyLoons. Let’s just say if this was a Tom Jones concert and Olbermann was Jones and the left-wing blogs were fans in the audience, they would be throwing their underwear at him.

Olby is still pretending to be shocked and insulted that the President of the United States would dare say it is “unacceptable” to compare our country to those of Islamofascists. Mark Finkelstein points out Olbermann suggested [insert “1984” reference here] it is the people’s right to “overthrow” a tyrannical government. Which agrees with Thomas Jefferson more or less–but if we’re really under tyrannical government as Olby suggests, wouldn’t he be off the air and the Loose Change guys “disappeared”? And no, once his ratings finally give him the ax he’s long deserved, that won’t be tyranny either. It’ll just be the same market wisdom that’s killing off Air America.

Anyway, he goes on to compare Bush to a three-year-old for his apparent “anger”. If anyone is a child for being angry, I think we’ve found our man and if you don’t know about him already, he’s usually the lowest rated cable news host.

Johnny $ at Olbermann Watch writes this, and rounds up opinion from the Olbysphere:

The same twisting of words and semantic tricks of last Friday made no more sense when delivered by Reverend Olbermann from his pompous pulpit. Hyperbole (“spat through his teeth”) does not equal credibility. No amount of semantic hanky-panky and selective editing can transform a simple colloquialism into some sort of clarion call for totalitarianism. Smugness (“Mister” Bush), phony outrage (“frightening”, “dangerous”), and stale guilt-by-association smears (“Richard Nixon”) do not make for heroic journalism. They are the tools of demagogues, tricksters, and propagandists. And they are at heart un-American, as is Herr Olbermann’s “special comment”.

The Media Blog points out Olby thinks he is the first to criticize Bush.

Read the whole text at Keith’s “blog”.