Almost certainly someone having fun with us, but it’s Friday so it gets the link. Read what she has to say. Ace is trying to confirm it with the FBI in Austin. If you don’t know who Shukrijumah is, this’ll bring you up to speed.

One thing about her story that gives me pause is the fact that she lives in Texas. Shukrijumah was spotted a few months ago in Honduras and it’s long been assumed that he would try to enter the U.S. across the southern border.

Here’s his FBI page. There’s a $5 million reward for info leading to his capture. He’s got a prominent nose, stands only between 5’3″ and 5’6″, and speaks English with no discernible accent.


Update: Rusty says the woman who left the comment at Ace’s also comments on his site and that she’s no crank. He does, however, think it’s probably a case of mistaken identity.

Update: Ace says the FBI in Austin has confirmed that they received the tip, but they won’t confirm that they think the guy the tipster saw was Shukrijumah. He also says \the tipster has two other witnesses who met the prospective renter, and they both think it was Shukrijumah.