We can’t lose. Either TP is right and AAR is circling the drain or TP is wrong and they end up humiliated in front of the blogosphere. That’s a nice warm Friday fuzzy for you.

Brian Maloney doth protest too much, though:

The lessons here are many:

Conservatives were too quick to believe a liberal website’s report without verifying it. Did anybody think to check with yours truly first?

Why would someone in the know have fed a media outlet that’s favorably disposed to AAR false info about impending bankruptcy? And why would a media outlet that’s favorably disposed to AAR have printed info about impending bankruptcy without checking it first? The story stank of bad news leaked to a friendly publication to spin it for them right out of the gate. Good enough for a link, I think.

Stay tuned. Someone’s going down here and whoever it is, it’ll be sweet.

Update: Think Progress has retracted its story. Note the quote from wormy Al Franken, who has the brass stones to blame conservative media for getting the story wrong when it was the Leopoldian tools at TP who broke — and bungled — it. “Lies and the lying liars who tell them” indeed.