Yesterday I called a wide swath of the American (or anti-American) left mentally ill. Today, a nice sampling of the left has proven me right. Here’s part of what I said:

In our essentially materialist West, millions lack the imagination to believe that bin Laden’s pining for the return of Andalusia to Muslim rule is in his mind a legitimate reason to wage war on America now. They can imagine their own countrymen being so motivated, though, and I think that’s key to understanding their state of mind. They can imagine the Rotary Club member down the street plotting mayhem because he goes to church and votes Republican, but they can’t imagine that the Muslim in Karachi is a real, live enemy who is actually plotting an attack.

I called this stance a psychosis. Let’s see the crazies!

First, Keith Olberman. You can pretty much pick out anything he has said in the past year, but head over to Allah’s post and check out his most recent. There’s a lot more insanity where that came from.

Second, Rosie O’Donnell, who said:

“Radical Christianity is just as threatening as radical Islam in a country like America.”

Click on the link to see how her fellow View panelists and the audience reacted. Now think, why would she say that? I don’t see Pat Robertson threatening consequences if the entire world doesn’t submit to Christianity as Adam Gadahn has threatened in the name of Islam. I don’t see the US government breaking up 5 Purpose-Driven terrorist operations in 2006, but I do see it breaking up 5 Islamic terror cells this year. I don’t see the Vatican pushing for nuclear arms so that it can wipe out Israel, but I do see the Islamic Republic of Iran doing that. So where’s Rosie coming from here? Is she armed with facts or just her own ignorant opinion?

Do you think Rosie had a different opinion of Christians in America before 9-11? That’s very unlikely. Christians in America haven’t taken down a single skyscraper since 9-11. Rosie’s clinging to her pre-9-11 world no matter what the objective facts demand. New facts available over the last five years have not been processed, and they never will be.

Third, James Joyner rounds up 9-11 posts from a bunch of leftwing bloggers, pundits and coot Andy Rooney–all of whom identify the enemy within and minimize the evil of the actual perpetrators of 9-11. Or say we had it coming, which minimizes al Qaeda’s evil too. Or fly the bird at President Bush. The only thing we actually learn from any of them is that Kos’ birthday is in fact September 11. Bummer for him.

Joyner’s roundup shows two things: The mainstream left has chosen to offer nothing in the way of support to win this war, and that that choice is based on an effort to cling to the pre-9-11 world. Or do you think any of them hated Bush and Republicans any less on 9-10-01 than they do now? If they did, find the proof and send it on in, because I remember an awful lot of Bush-hate and Republican-hate predating that awful day.

So why do these leftists choose to succumb to such an illness? Well, here’s part of what I said about that yesterday:

Imagining the enemy as a Westerner who has a Western worldview and essentially Western motivations gives these millions the comfort of thinking that they can understand and defeat the enemy easily.

Essentially, they’re incurious cowards who don’t want to confront the terrifying reality so they invent one that’s less terrifying and fits their pre-9-11 assumptions. They really can’t handle the truth, so they hide from it and construct a whole new one they can live with.

We all thought 9-11 changed everything, but unfortunately we were wrong. It didn’t change nearly enough. Most of the left is the same collection of unteachable, bigoted, mean-spirited, anti-American haters it was on 9-10. Now they’ve just added a wall of psychotic denial to the mix.

Update: Confederate Yankee strikes the same nerve and the left’s love comes a-gushin’.