“Path to 9/11” airs tonight on ABC from 8 to 11 and again tomorrow from 8 to 10:20, with a 20-minute interruption at 9 p.m. for Bush’s speech. The boss says a good half hour’s been cut from tonight’s segment but I can’t get ABC’s homepage to load right now to confirm that. We’ll have video of Bush’s speech after it happens and, in all likelihood, some sort of video comparison between the pre- and post-edited Sandy Berger scene from “Path” later this evening.

CBS is going head to head with “Path” tonight by re-airing Jules and Gedeon Naudet’s magnificent documentary, “9|11”. According to the Dish Network program guide, they’ve updated the film with new interviews since it was last broadcast. If you haven’t seen it before, it’s a no-brainer: skip “Path” and watch this. And if you happen to live in one of the poor, benighted areas of this country that can’t bear the thought of firefighters yelling “holy shit” in primetime at the sight of planes crashing into skyscrapers, you can watch over the web. 8 p.m.

Needless to say, we here at Hot Air love the Naudet brothers. For many reasons.

If you’re up early tomorrow, CNN will be doing us all a service by making its online video platform, Pipeline, free for the day. Why is that a service? Because starting at 8:30 a.m. and continuing until midnight, they’re re-running CNN’s coverage from 9/11 as it happened. We’ll be recording the first few hours and stitching together a short video of the moments of truth afterwards. For those who can’t wait, some of the footage has already been uploaded to YouTube. Pick through the archives here.

Finally, the good folks at MEMRI have been working overtime to mark the anniversary of the attacks. 43 minutes. Meet the enemy.

Update: Robert at Alphabet City e-mails to let me know that CBS’s New York affiliate has posted raw video of its reports from that day in the sidebar here.

Update: The first part of “Path” has just finished airing in Britain and reader “Jack Bauer” says the Berger scene has been excised. From his e-mail:

Well the first half of Path To 9/11 has finished for me.

Yep, they have certainly cut the Berger scene of him hanging up on the okay to “take out” Bin Laden. But it hardly makes a difference as Berger is clearly played as an ineffectual CYASS MAN.

The opening ten minutes are going to rip your heart out – as you see Atta and his murderous crew getting aboard the planes.

And the shock of seeing the Twin Tower from all angles again hits you in the gut.

I found it absorbing — but I guess there will be a lot of channel hopping over the 2 hours forty minutes. And that’s without commercials.

You are left in NO DOUBT that these are seriously evil people.

Though we do have to suffer the non-Muslim Judge in the Ramzi Yousef trial, once again pontificating about “these people” are “perverting” the true Islam.

How he knows that, is beyond me. They’re pretty convinced they’re muslims.

Update: The article I linked said CBS would be webcasting “9|11” but I’ll be damned if I can find it anywhere on their website.