Karol thinks it’s serious. I clicked through a few and was presented, in immediate succession, with photos of Abu Ghraib, an SUV, and Wackeys. Which makes me think it’s either a very sly parody of the “root causes” hand-wringers or else a rather crude misunderstanding of the jihadi grievance mindset.

Assuming, that is, that the “they” in the title is a reference to people in the Middle East. If it’s a reference to western progressives, then yeah, it’s serious. And dead on.

Judge for yourself.

Not really related, but this seems like the right place for it — the latest from humanist cracker-barrel philosopher Garrison Keillor:

We really are one people at heart. We all believe that when thousands of people are trapped in the Superdome without food or water, it is the duty of government, the federal government if necessary, to come to their rescue and to restore them to the civil mean and not abandon them to fate. Right there is the basis of liberalism. Conservatives tried to introduce a new idea — it’s your fault if you get caught in a storm — and this idea was rejected by nine out of 10 people once they saw the pictures. The issue is whether we care about people who don’t get on television…

I don’t get much hope from Democrats these days, a timid and skittish bunch, slow to learn, unable to sing the hymns and express the steady optimism that is at the heart of the heart of the country. I get no hope at all from Republicans, whose policies seem predicated on the Second Coming occurring in the very near future. If Jesus does not descend through the clouds to take them directly to paradise, and do it now, they are going to have to answer to the rest of us.

At the polls, he means. I think.

Update: The smoking gun?

Update: Ah, I didn’t even see the About page. This would seem to explain the randomness of the images:

WhyTheyHate.Us is a participatory web photo project using images submitted to Flickr, a popular photo hosting site. The images are chosen at random from uploaded photos tagged “whytheyhateus”.

The site is an open forum and images displayed are not curated, edited, or censored. Anyone can contribute any image to the dialog. Eventually every image will be shown in the random display.

It might not have started out as a parody, but it’s ended up that way.