Written by Andrew Gumbel, contributor to the Nation, Common Dreams, and other publications renowned for seeing both sides of an issue.

Nuance out the ass:

As the conflict has gone on, the media interpretation of it has only hardened. Essentially, the line touted by cable news hosts and their correspondents – closely adhering to the line adopted by the Bush administration and its neoconservative supporters – is that Hizbollah is part of a giant anti-Israeli and anti-American terror network that also includes Hamas, al-Qa’ida, the governments of Syria and Iran, and the insurgents in Iraq. Little effort is made to distinguish between these groups, or explain what their goals might be. The conflict is presented as a straight fight between good and evil, in which US interests and Israeli interests intersect almost completely.

That’s just a taste. The entire piece defies parody, from his opening lament that more of the country isn’t out protesting on behalf of Hezbollah the way the good people of Dearborn, Michigan are to his assertions about what political line Jews are apt to take during New York City “dinner party conversation” to his outrage at blogger accusations that Hezbollah might have stage-managed media coverage of Qana to, of course, his swipe at the only “Bush administration cheerleader” who spends most of her time knocking the president on immigration, judges, Homeland Security, the Dubai Ports deal, you name it — our own Ms. M:

Part of the Republican strategy this year is to attack any media that either attacks them or has the temerity to report facts that contradict the official party line. Thus, when Reuters was forced to withdraw a photograph of Beirut under bombardment because one of its stringers had doctored the image to increase the black smoke, it was a chance to rip into the news agency over its efforts to be even-handed. In a typical riposte, Michelle Malkin denounced Reuters as “a news service that seems to have made its mark rubber-stamping pro-Hizbollah propaganda”.

Part of the socialist strategy this year, like every year, is to minimize the malfeasance of their allies lest public attention to it hurt the cause. Hence his mention of the first Hajj photo while ignoring scads of other evidence of media manipulation, not all of which is contained in Zombie’s post.

Read the whole thing, seriously. And then see this old post at Tim Blair’s. This douche will never believe that the contempt people on the right and the left feel for his moral equivalence is rational and heartfelt, and not some cynical attempt to silence him because our power can’t handle his “truth.”

By the way, Malkin-bashing has also made an appearance at that DU thread on the kidnapping of Steve Centanni. Lots of comments have already been deleted by the administrator, but not the one wishing that Michelle herself might soon be “deleted.”