A deputy assistant secretary of state called the three suicides yesterday “a good PR move,” which of course is precisely what they were. Why else would the victims have coordinated their actions? They wanted attention, they got it.

But there’s no sense acknowledging the obvious when there’s faux outrage and agenda-pushing to be had, so the British papers did what they had to do and now an assistant secretary of defense’s done what he had to do, and the beat goes on. Which, I think, officially makes this a trend.

Lost in the shuffle of what Ilario Pantano referred to this morning as “self-flagellation” are details about the three “victims.” According to the DoD:

One of the Guantanamo detainees who committed suicide had been cleared for transfer to another country, a second was involved in a 2001 prison uprising in Afghanistan where a CIA agent died, and a third had ties to al-Qaida, the Pentagon said Sunday.

The first man mentioned was suspected of being a member of a militant missionary group.

All that said, I do basically agree with Moran’s take on this, although I think he veers a bit into self-flagellation territory too. Judge for yourselves. I’ve got a feeling he and I will be in the minority on this one.

Update: One of our commenters says the O’Reilly Factor will have a special report on Gitmo tonight. Apparently cameramen were allowed inside the facility, and filming stopped only a few hours before the suicides.

Update: Did someone say faux outrage and agenda pushing?