Thus demonstrating once again the common touch for which she’s so well known and loved.

Finally, she relayed a story from her 1999-2000 campaign.

As her campaign heated up, Clinton began staying in a downtown hotel when she came to town, and she befriended the maid who cleaned her room every day. (At this point, the crowd was so quiet you could hear a pin drop).

On the last day Clinton stayed in that hotel before the election, the maid approached her and wished her luck in the campaign.

The maid then pulled from her uniform pocket a snow globe in which there was a little model of a Buffalo. As she handed the former First Lady that gift, the maid said, “Mrs. Clinton, don’t forget Buffalo”.

In related news, Hillary’s chief speechwriter reports having rented “Citizen Kane” and “Maid in Manhattan” this past weekend.

No word yet on whether the maid, a “Ms. Rosebud Lopez” according to Hillary’s campaign, will be appearing at any fundraisers this summer.


Update: Like Hillary, Rosebud is a Yankees fan.