Also in Haditha — but in a separate incident, months before the alleged massacre on November 19th.

Here’s the transcript. Meanwhile, the AP is reporting that the three officers who were relieved of command after the massacre are not a target of the investigation.

Update: Michelle e-mails with links to news reports of the killing of the ambassador’s cousin from July 2005. The BBC and NPR both filed stories, but the one you’ll want to read is Newsweek’s. Note this well:

About 10 days after the shooting, a team of U.S. military investigators came to the house. They interviewed the family at length and took several pictures. One of the Americans, who appeared to be a commander, turned to Abdul Hadi, Mohammed’s father and asked, “Are you happy we’re here doing an investigation for the death of your son?” Abdul Hadi, who had tried to keep his anger in check, let loose. “Why would I be happy?” he screamed. “My son is dead. If it wasn’t for the pressure from the U.N. you wouldn’t be investigating my son’s death. Hundreds of other Iraqis are being killed with no investigation.” One of the translators accompanying the Americans tried to calm Abdul Hadi down and told him the American was a senior commander. Abdul Hadi remembers the Marines with a look of disgust. “People here call them the dirty troops,” he says.

Another Iraqi from Haditha recently said something similar to Time magazine, referring to the local Marines as “the Dirty Force.” I noted it here.

The Times has a new article tonight about the investigation into the masacre but it doesn’t tell us much that we didn’t already know.