Not sure when this first aired but it’s too good not to share. Content warning, of course.

The link comes from this lefty skeptic site, which has a terrific round-up of 9/11 CT debunkings available on the Internet. With all due respect to my pals at Screw Loose Change, I think this one is definitive. Except, of course, for its curious omission of the role played by “the Anunnaki”.

Update: This makes two acts of public service performed by Jules and Gedeon Naudet regarding 9/11. In fairness to LC, they do/should have the right to use a small bit of the footage under fair-use law. But I can’t blame the Naudet boys for getting pissy when they see what agenda their work is being used for.

Here’s the cease-and-desist letter which calls for the footage to be removed from all copies of LC, Internet or otherwise. And here’s the Amazon page for the DVD of the Naudet brothers’ documentary, “9/11”.