Our tribute.

Michelle has plenty of links. Greyhawk has posted a series of profiles; in particular, don’t miss the ones about Tibor “Ted” Rubin and Rafael Peralta. And here’s the obituary of Donald Rudolph, winner of the Medal of Honor, who died Thursday at age 85. His full MOH citation is at Home of Heroes.

Speaking of HoH, Doug Sterner, its webmaster, e-mailed on Friday to remind us that Jesse Macbeth isn’t the only fake soldier out there. Here are two recent examples of stolen valor; Sterner has more on his website, where he’s soliciting signatures for a petition to make medal fraud a crime.

Finally, VDH salutes the good war, Mark Steyn puts Haditha in perspective, and Christopher Hitchens abjures sentimentality for simple fact:

“Always think of it: never speak of it.” That was the stoic French injunction during the time when the provinces of Alsace and Lorraine had been lost. This resolution might serve us well at the present time, when we are in midconflict with a hideous foe, and when it is too soon to be thinking of memorials to a war not yet won. This Memorial Day, one might think particularly of those of our fallen who also guarded polling-places, opened schools and clinics, and excavated mass graves. They represent the highest form of the citizen, and every man and woman among them was a volunteer. This plain statement requires no further rhetoric.

Update: Bush marks the occasion by signing the “Respect for America’s Fallen Heroes Act,” which would prevent Fred Phelps and company from protesting within 300 feet of the entrance to a national cemetery during funerals.

Update: Phelps’s group showed up at Arlington today to protest — and the Freepers were there to meet them.

Update: The Political Pitbull has video of Bush’s speech at Arlington.