This thing with Patches must really be messing with his head. Two days ago he was complaining about the House’s attempt to criminalize criminals; today he’s trying to shoot down Sessions’s fence amendment by pointing out how effective fences have been in California. But there’s a body count involved, which naturally means (a) it’s our fault, and (b) fences should be off the table. Political Pit Bull has video. Go, watch, laugh, and try to follow his logic when he comes out strongly in favor of a virtual fence — which, if it turns out to be a successful deterrent, logically should result in just as many immigrant deaths as the non-virtual version.

El presidente is heading down to the Arizona border manana for the all-important photo op. The as-yet unindicted Karl Rove is headed to the Hill to try to whip the House hardliners into line. Meanwhile, the French legislature is showing more backbone than our own. Quel dommage.

Update: Stop the ACLU sends word that the Senate has approved 370 miles of triple-layered fence. Vote: 83-16. Follow the link for whining from Dick Durbin.

Update: The boss says this is nice and all — but what did we have to give up to get it?

Update: Which side of the debate, do you suppose, is the AP on?