By the Department of Defense, according to Fox News. We’ll have it here, of course.

Update: Here’s the still I’ve isolated. Video is coming in a second. I’ve added the red circle to show what I think is the nosecone that Bret Baier mentions; unfortunately, this is as much of the plane as you can see, but do note the shadow beneath it. (Actually, my bad — the shadow is from something else.) Update: Click the image for video. Note what Baier says about the plane possibly having hit the ground first. Update 4:41 p.m.: I’ve trimmed ninety seconds of unnecessary fat off the video. All the good stuff, such as it is, is still there.


Update: Wizbang has a screencap from one of the videos at the DoD site which might show more of the plane. Hard to tell.

Pre-release updates are below.

Update: Here’s the announcement at Judicial Watch, which filed the FOIA request that got the tape released. The Pentagon says it couldn’t release it until now because of the Moussaoui trial.

Update: Needless to say, Screw Loose Change will have its hands full this afternoon.

Update: Place your bets. Which lefty blogger will be first to question the timing? Update: Texas Rainmaker has the answer.

Update: An ABC News report set to air this Friday quotes Jim Sensenbrenner as saying the air-marshal program has problems — and the agency is trying to cover them up. The Blotter previews.

Update: A bad day for conspiracy theorists of all stripes.

Update: Here’s the companion piece to today’s video. If you haven’t watched it yet, brace yourself.

Update: Goldstein makes the Rove connection so liberals don’t have to!

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