I feel like the bad student who, instead of getting to go on the field trip, had to stay behind in class all day writing on the blackboard.

Just a few more lines to go on this welcome Friday eve.

  • You find Michael Moore’s cartoon Marxism and fondness for cheap media stunts appealing, but his personality rubs you the wrong way. You enjoy Anderson Cooper’s cuddly blandness and mawkish sentimentality, but aren’t sure enough about his progressive politics. If only there was some way to combine the best qualities from both men…
  • The British are disappearing. The Germans are disappearing. The Russians are disappearing. The Japanese are disappearing. And the French — damn.
  • Are you an “ugly American”? Pick up the new travel guide from Business for Diplomatic Action, “Behaving Like a Minimally Civilized Person for Dummies.”
  • Dalrymple was right.
  • A treat for only the most hardcore Mark Steyn fans: the man behind the decision to let women work in (gasp!) lingerie shops in Saudi Arabia is none other than Ghazi Algosaibi.
  • Quick and dirty — the world’s weirdest diseases.
  • Buzz Aldrin shows the guys at “Screw Loose Change” how to deal with conspiracy theorists.
  • Science mini-roundup: a car that changes shape to brace for impending impacts, and light that moves so fast it actually goes … backwards?
  • And finally, from the unnecessary-yet-gratifying discoveries file, monkeys know how to party.

I’m off to engage in some monkey business myself. Enjoy your weekend!