Why not take the kid’s money? They’re teaching him to want to kill himself; might as well grab the coins off his eyes too.


Too bad they “lost” that $450,000 a few weeks ago, huh? As for our role in all this, behold the sense of entitlement:

“These donations are our way of telling the world that we can live without them, and our children are paying what the Europeans should be paying,” said Bassam al-Shaqaa, a former mayor of Nablus.

They can live without the world? In the West Bank, they’re back to cooking over open fires. Hamas is prepared to see Palestinian kids starve before it gives up terrorism, and the dopey Arab king next door won’t do a thing to pressure them — even when the terrorism is aimed directly at him:

Three suspected members of the Palestinian Islamic group Hamas confessed on Jordanian television Thursday of plotting to kill senior officers of Jordan’s intelligence service and stockpiling weapons in the country.

“What some members of Hamas did against Jordanian national security by smuggling weapons and explosives into Jordan will not affect whatsoever the historic relationship with the Palestinian brothers,” the monarch said.

“It will not stop Jordan from pursuing its national role towards them leading to their full rights, foremost of which is the establishment of an independent Palestinian state,” he said, according to Al-Rai government daily.

No consequences.