I figured the usual suspects would show, and show they did. Michelle has the details.

Update: Via LGF, a report from Miss Kelly on Hirsi Ali’s appearance:

The last questioner (Bangladeshi woman) asked “Do you identify yourself as a woman? If so, why aren’t you concerned with domestic abuse? Why are you only harping about Islam?” Ayaan was amused. “Yes, I identify myself as a woman, I think that’s self-evident.” She replied that much of her work is against violence and oppression of girls and women around the world, which is easily confimed by reading her books and lectures. At this point, given the overt hostility of the questioner, Ayaan noted that debate and criticism of Islam is not the same as attacking Islam. “I’m not attacking Islam, I want to reform Islam.” Here Ayaan asked “I really wonder what you (referring to all the grad students) are doing here” It was along the lines of “What are they teaching you anyway? Do you not know how to debate or discuss an issue?”

Update: Ayaan Hirsi Ali has a blog.

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