Curiouser and curiouser. Here’s the clip of Rep. Patrick Kennedy’s statement on the car crash if you didn’t catch it this afternoon. He used the occasion to lobby for mental health parity. How about Kennedy law enforcement parity?

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Doug Van Sant blogs on the obvious media double standards:

My beef with this issue is how our press will respond. Across all major news sites (including FOX), headlines proclaimed Rush to be “arrested.” Liberal blogs basked in their glory by making fun of Rush and his addiction. Wire stories abound about the criminal activity in the Rush case, not his addiction, not his rehab, nor about his clear victory in this case. Now one of their own is seeking help for a similar problem. How will the media react this time?

My bet is you’ll see more talk of compassion for Rep. Kennedy’s addiction. You’ll see stories focus on how Rep. Kennedy is facing his problem head on and is using his addiction to teach others. There will be no talk of criminal activity. There will be no talk of hypocrisy. There will be no questions of Rep. Kennedy’s ability to do his job, nor will there be anyone suggesting his resignation.

For the record, I admire anyone who faces their problems. I admire anyone who can admit they are wrong and seek to correct it. I applaud Rush and Patrick Kennedy if they are able to seek help and fix their addictions.

This is where a Real Republican differs from the other side. I can look at both Limbaugh and Kennedy and see their problems as similar and respect their problems just the same. I have compassion for both men because it’s a cold-hearted reality that people have problems. And I can look at these two individuals and say congratulations, they’re human. But Washington, the press, and many on the left cannot and will not do that. One pain addiction will always be called “criminal” while the other will be called “courageous.”

The “obstruction of justice” charge is raised.

Slate calls it “Nappaquiddick.”