As Michelle announced in today’s Vent from her comfy couch in her fuzzy slippers, Hot Air is having its first reader/viewer contest. Over at NBC, they’re saying goodbye to Katie Couric by soliciting the Today Show’s viewers for videograms full of tears and whatnot expressing how much they’ll miss Perky Katie. Until she shows up on CBS the following week. I mean, it’s not like she’s going off to Afghanistan to hunt for Osama bin Laden. She’s hopping from one cushy network job to another. These network people take themselves way too seriously.

Anyway, we at Hot Air would also like to say our own special goodbye to Perky Couric. We need your help, because we want the goodbyes to come from you. They should be in video form, no longer than one minute, and in either WMV or Quicktime format, nothing obscene, violent or anything you wouldn’t want your mother to see. Because if your piece gets included in a Vent, your mother just might see it. Try to keep the file sizes under 5 megs if you can.

You may email your Perky Katie Couric sendoff to hotairkatie–at–gmail–dot–com. Let’s see if you can send us enough stuff to break one of Google’s five million servers.