Monday’s Vent pounded net giant Google for helping the ChiComs censor free speech on the net inside China. While Google has been eager to “conform to local laws and customs” in China, it has, until recently, not done the same inside the US. Case in point: Until blogger Stacy Harp went on a one-woman crusade to stop it, Google’s Blogspot hosted a site run by and for pedophiles. Pedophilia is illegal in the US; if Google were to be consistent it should have quickly blocked that site to conform with local laws and customs in the US. But the site was up and stayed up long after Stacy and others brought it to Google’s attention.

It took quite a bit of jawboning, but now the site is down. Did Google finally conform to US law, or did the pedophiles just take the site down until the attention goes away? That’s not clear.

What is clear is that Google defied its own “Don’t Be Evil” motto. There isn’t anything more evil than pedophilia, and Google didn’t police its sites (outside China, anyway) to keep that evil offline.

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