Sep 2017

Cooperating with ICE has its pros and cons

“…when we got halfway up the steps we heard this howling, involuntary, inhuman sound.”

3-6 pm ET on Relevant Radio!

We can’t shut down the entire world for you

“It was like Pol Pot’s genocide multiplied 20 times over.”

Be sure to tip the guards. And try the veal!

Trump: I’m not ignoring Puerto Rico

Ed Morrissey Sep 26, 2017 12:01 PM

What is being done?

It’s not about the police, racism or equality.

From brackets to bracelets?

They must be doing something right

How Target wins the “Fight for 15”

Jazz Shaw Sep 26, 2017 8:01 AM

The free market works its magic again

“I don’t think a lot of people was educated.”

“Undoubtedly, left-wing ‘antifa’ groups have contributed to the security risks…”

Video: Best hit in NFL action yesterday was …

Ed Morrissey Sep 25, 2017 8:41 PM

Minnesota Nice.

How did we not think of this before?

“I personally don’t believe the Anthem is ever the time to make any type of protest.”

The art of angering … everybody.

“Every single time I see that picture of me standing by myself, I feel embarrassed.”

“…like watching a network try to assemble its own Bride of Frankenstein”

Congress: the new Marketplace of America.

A “public forum” for all?

“…down 12.9 percent since a record set in 2015.”

Fly the too friendly skies

“Choosing between either mass deportation of Dreamers or blanket amnesty is a false choice.”

“the crime I committed is my rock bottom.”

North Korea: Trump’s comments mean war, you know

Ed Morrissey Sep 25, 2017 12:31 PM


A winner with a thin ruling coalition

“I was looking for 100 percent participation.”

Yet another messy situation in the region

Two of these things are not like the others.

Not the same as Hillary, but still…

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