Video: "Wedu Nagivafaka"

To cleanse the palate, via Reason, a musical reminder of how difficult it is to lose a government job. Even when a mistake involving nuclear war is involved.

I’m guessing this was written and recorded a few days ago, before Reason knew just how little a “faka” the culprit in Hawaii’s missile-alert screw-up gives.

The employee who sent out the false missile alert that caused mass panic in Hawaii earlier this month, refuses to cooperate with a Federal Communications Commission investigation, an official said in a Senate committee hearing Thursday.

“We are disappointed however that one key employee, the person who transmitted the false alert is refusing to cooperate with our investigation,” said Lisa Fowlkes, bureau chief of the FCC’s Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau. “We hope that person will reconsider.”…

“He gave an initial statement at the time of the incident, and has refused to speak to us since then,” Richard Rapoza, the agency’s public information officer said. “His position has been that he gave a written statement and he has nothing more to say.”

Any bureaucrat could scare the hell out of a few million people with a bogus report of an inbound nuke and face zero accountability. But to do that and then tell the inspectors investigating the incident to get bent when they demand an explanation?

That guy sounds like government management material to me.

I’m assuming the imbecile who designed the state’s horrendous alert-system interface has already been promoted. Oh, by the way, the governor of Hawaii claims he knew that the missile warning was false within two minutes of it being sent. He raced to Twitter to inform the public that it was a mistake, but … he didn’t know his password. Even when they givafaka, they don’t give enough of a faka to prepare.