National unity at last: Everyone thinks Michael Wolff's a sleaze for the Nikki Haley rumor

Not literally everyone, fine. There are Internet randos who believe the Earth is flat; there must be some willing to defend Wolff’s smear. But I haven’t noticed any today on social media, and I most definitely haven’t noticed anyone with a platform on TV or in print treating the rumor credulously. A guy who specializes in dubiously sourced sensationalism picked out the youngest woman member of Trump’s cabinet, stuck something in his book about her and Trump spending time alone on Air Force One, then went on Bill Maher’s show and pulled America’s nob by claiming that Trump’s having an affair and there’s a hint about who his mistress is towards the end of “Fire & Fury.” Imagine how thin that rumor must be for even Michael Wolff not to stand foursquare behind it.

But he’ll stand two- or threesquare behind it by spreading dark innuendo on Maher’s show, won’t he?

He’s crying all the way to the bank, I know, but this may color perceptions of his work even among Trump-haters who badly want to believe everything in it is true. Once you’ve got the stench of what he did to Haley in your nostrils, the book will never smell quite right again. And as two of the women in the clips below correctly point out, this isn’t the first time this has happened to her.

There’s some evidence that when you draw voters’ attention to a woman politician’s appearance, even if you’re complimentary about it, it will cost her votes at the polls. The idea, presumably, is that the more superficially she’s regarded, the harder it is for people to trust her with a position of authority. Haley’s getting a high-octane version of that from Wolff, replete with whispers of infidelity and scandal. No wonder she was so forceful in punching back when she was asked about it.

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David Strom 6:01 PM on March 29, 2023