Debbie Wasserman Schultz: This shutdown gave us, um ... the "potential for momentum"

For fark’s sake, even if this is technically true, have more dignity than to go on national television and tell your base with a straight face that your dopey hostage-taking exercise earned you “the potential for momentum.” That expression is so pathetic, the words die in my throat when I try to say them out loud. They went to the mat against a Republican president whom the entire left believes is an imbecile in the name of securing an amnesty for hundreds of thousands of young illegals. And they came away with a handful of magic beans.

But look again. Those only look like magic beans. What they really are is the potential for momentum.

I wonder if Democrats fully grasp how serious their political problem is right now. Today’s cave was so pitiful, not even the otherwise friendly U.S. media can spin it with a straight face as anything else. The left is furious and Schumer is embarrassed. And yet Senate Dems are going to be back in this spot just three weeks from now. If Schumer can’t get a DREAM amnesty through the Senate *and* the House as a condition of funding the government in February, how can he cave again, so soon after this? And if the answer is “he can’t,” how long is he prepared to stick with the next shutdown knowing that polls already show that Americans don’t believe legalizing DREAMers is important enough to justify a shutdown, however sympathetic they may be to the predicament DACA enrollees now find themselves in?

Schumer will have no choice but to be a tough guy next month. If he caves again, not only will his leadership be undermined but the Democrats’ core assumption, that amnesty fans will take their frustrations out on Republicans at the polls if DREAM doesn’t pass, may be in error. As Schumer bows and bows to the White House, amnesty shills may decide that it’s the Democrats’ lack of nerve that’s a bigger problem politically. Which means staying home in November.