Cory Booker on yelling at DHS secretary: Should I treat women officials differently?

Is this a joke?

He’s correct on the merits, but does this dude not realize what’ll happen to him if he takes a tone anywhere near the one he took yesterday with Kirstjen Nielsen at a presidential primary debate with Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, or Kirsten Gillibrand? Obama got torn to shreds by Hillary fans in 2008 for a soft-spoken backhanded compliment about Clinton’s likability. If Booker’s dumb enough to go bug-eyed with one of his Democratic women colleagues he’ll be torched as a sexist for the duration of the primaries (and not a moment after if he wins) by progressives, an especially dangerous brand in a field with multiple formidable women candidates. As the field winnows and, say, Harris and Gillibrand drop out, undecided Democrats may end up having to choose between Booker and Warren. Who are they likely to choose if Booker’s already been tried and found guilty of Crimes Against Feminism for taking a tone with a woman candidate onstage?

I think he does realize. He’s a very smart guy, however abominable his acting talent. He surely understands that righteous anger directed at women is permitted and even encouraged *if* that woman’s a Republican. And the higher-ranking they are, the more encouraged it is. Booker took full advantage of the political dynamic: As a black Democrat confronting a white Republican member of Trump’s administration about race, it’s almost impossible to imagine what he could have said to Nielsen or what tone he could have used in saying it that would have led the media or his party to call him out for having gone too far. He couldn’t have been too nasty or overbearing. Under the circumstances he enjoyed Absolute Moral Authority as measured by the political class. If he tries that with Warren or Gillibrand or Harris, though? God help him. I don’t think he will. He knows what the left will and won’t let him get away with, I’m sure.

An interesting line here when Tapper points out to him that he got blasted by the RNC for his embarrassing theatrics yesterday: “I’m glad they’re finally attacking me.” I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a Democrat more transparent in his panders and his ambitions as Booker is. As the 2020 field gets more crowded and he risks disappearing into it, he might end up wearing a sign that reads “Running for President.”