Sunday morning talking heads

On Earth 2, this morning’s Sunday shows are focused like laser beams on the prospects of a DACA bargain in Congress and the White House’s deliberations over whether to stick with the Iran nuclear deal. On the planet we actually live on, it’ll be wall-to-wall Sh*tholegate with a little l’affaire Stormy thrown in. The star guest: GOP Rep. Mia Love, a daughter of Haitian immigrants and one who blasted Trump on Thursday after his remarks about Haiti and other third-world countries leaked to the press. She’ll be on “State of the Union.” Meanwhile, the most outspoken anti-Trump Republican in Congress is booked to appear on “This Week.” That would be Jeff Flake, who helped put together the terrible immigration deal that Trump rejected during the “sh*thole” meeting at the White House. Flake will be asked about DACA and the way forward on a compromise, of course, but we all know the real reason he’s been scheduled:

Appearing for the defense this morning will be Tom Cotton and David Perdue, two Trump allies on immigration who put out a statement Thursday insisting that they didn’t recall him using the word “sh*thole” at the immigration meeting. Dick Durbin and Lindsey Graham have said otherwise. Cotton, who’ll be on “Face the Nation,” and Perdue, who’ll follow Flake on “This Week,” will be pressed on their recollections, needless to say.

Oh, and John Lewis will be on “This Week” as well to dump all over Trump, as he’s been doing since before POTUS was inaugurated. The full line-up is at the AP.