Report: Stephen Miller escorted out by security after angry interview with Tapper

I have a mental image of him shouting, “HOLD ME BACK, JARED, HOLD ME BACK.”

This is why he’s going to be press secretary someday. Most Trump cronies, starting with Sloppy Steve, profess to hate the media while chirping to them anonymously at every opportunity. Miller really does hate them, I think.

At a minimum, he should be the emcee of the First Annual Presidential Awards for Dishonesty in Media on Wednesday night.

Two sources close to the situation told Business Insider that after the taping was done Miller was asked to leave several times.

He ignored those requests and ultimately security was called and he was escorted out, the sources said.

The bickering between him and Tapper allegedly continued during commercial, after CNN had cut off Miller’s mic. Click each of the four panels in the tweet below to read a transcript:

Chances are it’ll be months before he’s booked by any news shows again. If Trump wants him on TV, it’s the daily briefing or bust.

While Miller was busy squabbling with Tapper, Trump reportedly spent most of his weekend warning populist bigwigs that there was no middle ground between him and Bannon. If they wanted to remain in his good graces, they had to choose. And not only did they have to choose, they had to make their choice painfully clear. “White House officials instructed television surrogates over the weekend to swing harder at Bannon, noting that Trump would be watching,” noted Bloomberg, adding this pathetic detail: “One person who was judged as being insufficiently critical of Bannon was David Bossie, president of Citizens United. On Friday night, Bossie came out with a forceful condemnation of Bannon, his longtime friend, in an op-ed in the Washington Post.” It’s not enough to pledge one’s loyalty to the king. Nothing short of total obsequiousness will do. Miller understands that.

Increasingly Bannon understands it too:

In recent days, Bannon has tried to convince allies that all will be okay — even texting “Onward!” to one of them — but seems jolted and “even more manic than normal,” in the words of one person who has spoken to him. He has remained ensconced in his Capitol Hill townhouse, with a rope on the steps blocking people from coming. “STOP!” the large red sign reads, urging visitors to check in downstairs…

“He knows he is at his lowest point,” one ally said. “He won’t tell you that, but he knows it.”…

At first, Bannon did not want to apologize, people who have spoken to him said. But after meeting with allies and advisers, he reportedly grew convinced that things would only get worse unless he did.

He’ll be fine. One of the strangest quirks of Trump’s personality is his capacity to forgive people who have attacked him, even in the most vicious terms. He and Marco Rubio were endorsing each other in the summer of 2016 a few months after Rubio warned that Trump was too nutty to be trusted with America’s nuclear arsenal. Mitt Romney called Trump a fake and a fraud and hinted at secret bombshells hidden in his tax returns, and within a year he was dining with Trump to discuss heading the State Department. For fark’s sake, it was just a few months ago that Bob Corker was flaming the president on Twitter by comparing the White House to an adult day-care center. Today?

If all of them can be forgiven, the MAGA revolution’s chief propagandist, Steve Bannon, can be forgiven. And he will be, in time. If I were Bossie, I’d worry less about Trump being mad at him for being insufficiently critical of Bannon and more about Bannon being mad at him for turning on him so stridently. Trump is quick to get angry but also quick to forgive. Bannon doesn’t strike me as a guy prone to forgiveness. If you’re going to knife him now, you’d better have good reason to believe he’ll never be in a position to take revenge later — and in light of his track record, I don’t know why anyone would believe that. He hasn’t been ousted yet at Breitbart and might not be; given his talent for wooing fantastically rich people to bankroll his agenda, he’s as likely as anyone in America to found the long-rumored right-wing cable news channel that’ll give Fox a run for its money. All he needs to be welcomed back into the populist version of polite society is for Trump to let up on him. And Trump will, if only because he’ll get bored with attacking Bannon just like he got bored with attacking Jeff Sessions. Once Bannon has lost his “unperson” status and starts settling scores with Bossie and Miller and all the others who stomped him this weekend at Trump’s behest, look out.

All POTUS is really doing is rubbing Bannon’s face in the pile of poop he left on the rug in order to teach him that crapping inside the house isn’t allowed. Once Bannon has learned that lesson and starts behaving like a good boy again, he’ll get belly rubs. In the meantime, here’s Mike Allen on the “him or me” ultimatum POTUS issued to his universe of cronies, toadies, and lackeys.

Jazz Shaw Aug 07, 2022 2:31 PM ET