Endgame: American adults under age 55 now prefer watching soccer to baseball

Me, yesterday: I’m so lucky to live in the greatest country in the world.

Me, today, after reading this: This garbage country can only be cleansed with fire.


We live in a golden age of baseball. There’s Trout and Harper, Machado and Stanton, Aaron Judge, Altuve — and that Kershaw guy’s not bad. The new kid from Japan is shaping up to be the first two-way star since Babe Ruth. We’ve had three seven-game World Series in the last four years, one of which involved the Cubs ending the curse and another which featured one of the great postseason pitching performances of all time. What more do you people want? Do you want to be Europeans?

Looking back at those numbers, the answer appears to be “yes.” I note that conservatives have their priorities pretty well in order. It’s the g-ddamned liberals who are screwing up America, as usual … although the partisan results in this case are almost certainly a proxy for age. Conservatives skew older and older people who remember baseball’s heyday continue to prefer it to soccer. Liberals skew younger, having grown up in an age when youth soccer leagues rival Little League for kiddie sports. Some may have played more soccer in their lives than they have baseball, and mom and dad spent long hours watching them do it. Which probably explains why the numbers for soccer and baseball among parents of minor children are what they are. The only reason baseball’s still slightly ahead of soccer among all adults is because the numbers are so lopsided among adults 55 or over. But most of them will be dead within 40 years. And then our cultural transformation into a Euro-toilet will be complete.

As for football, I assume the numbers here mostly reflect the popularity of college football, not the morass of head injuries, social justice, and dismal quarterbacking we know as the NFL. Conservatives are 10 points more likely than liberals to say they enjoy watching football more than any of the alternatives. That’s because they’re watching the SEC, not the weekly Bears/Giants fart-fest, right?