Video: Tiny terrorist declares end of world order, dawn of new golden age

A few highlights stitched together. The World War II era, “as well as the era of materialistic thoughts based on arrogance and domination,” hath ended and the new age of love, peace, justice, dignity, friendship, laughter, prosperity, flowers, and the forcible repopulation of Israel with Palestinians at whatever human cost hath begun. I skipped all the garbage about crimes in Iraq and Palestine and gave you just the cringeworthy utopian nonsense at the end, including the new Orwellian “Coalition of Peace” Iran is pioneering, presumably to instruct member nations in the ways of the Koran and how to design EFPs to blow ever bigger holes in U.S. military hardware. Not that you won’t notice, but do pay attention to how often he rattles off the type of blissful abstractions I mocked him for up above. It’s the political version of the “hard sell” in advertising, where the real thrust of his message — to advance Iran’s agenda by forming an anti-western bloc with other middling powers — is lost in the endless beatitudes about the coming golden age. If George Bush gave a speech like this it would be mocked for weeks, but Ahmadinejad relies on the paternal racism of westerners towards the Middle East and Third World to get away with it. Why, coming from a “simpler” culture like his, this type of crude heaven-on-earth idiocy has an almost poetic feel to it, doesn’t it?

Here’s the transcript. He ends, naturally, with a promise that the Mahdi is on his way to uplift the righteous and destroy the wicked. Just like he did last year.

Update: Cherish the irony that the Americans who are most likely to enjoy this pabulum would describe themselves as “realists.”