Video: Cubans walk out during Bush's UN speech; Update: U.S. walks out of Ahmadinejad's speech

Behold the fine diplomatic art of storming off in a huff theatrically. Dan “The Man” Gillerman enlightened Greta Van Susteren on this subject last year, when he described the “childish and stupid” Iranian habit of remaining in the General Assembly hall until Ariel Sharon was due to speak and then up and leaving to make a show of their objection. Ever done it yourself, Greta countered. Well … yes, admitted Gillerman. If our guys don’t skip Ahmadinejad’s ode to peace, love, and extermination of “Zionists” this afternoon, they should.

It looks like Bush saw them leaving, as he appears to be looking in their direction by the end. Rudy would have seized the opportunity to toss in a “Cuba libre” for good measure.

Update: They skipped out on Mahdi.